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Historias y porvenires para repensar sujetos de derechos y otros

María Valeria Berros 19/02/2024 This paper discusses the comments received from two colleagues who agreed to reflect on the article in which I put forward some ideas on new subjects and new others in contemporary law. On the one hand, Lean-dro Drivet who in his article entitled “ Dismantle the abyss between Subject and Nature. On the denaturing misdirection of subjectivity” reviews the assumptions underlying the concept of the subject that informs modern law. On the other hand, the article by Natália de Souza Lisbôa entitled “Keep dreaming while seeing the obvious: others and new subjects and people from the Latin American perspective” focuses on the need to create and expand possible futures through the recognition of new and other subjects and persons from the prism of the so-called new Latin American constitutionalism. Click here for the full article: