The annual meeting of “Jornadas de filosofía política contemporánea” aimed at analyzing the process of politization and democratization involved with the socio-ecological crisis. The meeting was mainly directed to students and teachers of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The Meeting “Jornadas de filosofía política contemporánea” takes place on a yearly basis at the Faculty of Philosophy at UAM. This year the meeting seeks to deal with the process by which the boundaries between politics and other spheres are increasingly vanishing. In particular, the meeting faced this process of vanishing in four different bipolarities: politics and university, politics and literature, politics and journalism, and politics and the law. Valeria Berros, and Luis Lloredo (members of Speak4Nature), as well as Marco Aparicio (Universitat de Girona) showed how the crashing of the boundaries between law and politics is specifically entangled with the socio-ecological crisis: indeed, the appearance of legal instruments such as the rights of nature is leading to the empowerment of many communities around the world, who are increasingly getting aware of their rights of participation in legal processes, by stewarding the rights of nature and the implementation of political-legal institutions of guard of the rights of nature.

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