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Workshop on Rights of Nature

To bring together students and academics currently working on the rights of nature, as well as those who are interested in learning more about the expanding legal discourse and practice in different geographies.

The workshop will further the discussion regarding the possibilities of the rights of nature, the obstacles, and critiques through literature and experiences from different countries. This workshop aims to continue the dialogue initiated at the Rachel Carson Center in 2017 by Anna Leah Tabios Hillebrecht and María Valeria Berros and it asks how the debate over rights of nature has evolved since the publication of the RCC on the topic.

Specifically, the following perspectives and questions will be addressed:

Theoretical, logistical, social, and legal challenges for granting nature rights and the corresponding implementation.

The challenges regarding the expansion of the rights of nature framework into different jurisdictions.

Engagement with different critical points of view regarding the rights of nature.

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