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The First Network School seeks to provide the exchange of intensive experiences in learning from scientific research and practice in relation to ecological law and ecological justice, stimulating the inter-sectoral and international mobility of researchers from the consortium institutions.

Ethics and nature: a general introduction to ecological ethics
Adrián Almazán (UC3M)

Territoriality, indigenous demands and Ecological Justice
Adriana Biller (UFSC)

Freedom of expression and Ecological Justice: political action and its obstruction
Diana Latova Santamaría (UAM)

The Path of the Ecological Constitution – The Chilean Constituent Process of 2016-2023: An Analysis of Environmental Issues and the Tensions in Their Incorporation into the Constitution
Ezio Costa (FIMA)

Indigenous Rights, Traditional Territories and Nature in the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Fernanda Cavedon-Capdeville (UFSC)

Human rights and rights of Nature, two sides of the same coin: bicultural rignts
Marta Solari (UPO)

Instrumental Rationality and Animal agriculture: the Climate Change issue
Paula Brügger (UFSC)

From Walden to the Dasgupta Report: conservation’s dangerous instrumental turn for biodiversity and people.
Pedro L. Lomas (FUHEM)

La Justicia Ecológica y el envenenamiento de las generaciones futuras – Isabele Bruna Barbieri (UFSC)

Conflictos ambientales y ecológicos: la actuación de la Clínica de Justicia Ecológica de la Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina – Marcela de Avellar Mascarello (UFSC)

Agroecología y Derecho de la Naturaleza: experiencias de políticas públicas en la ciudad de Florianópolis – Marcos José de Abreu (UFSC)

¿Hacia el Derecho Ecológico? El Derecho Ambiental en el umbral de un nuevo paradigma jurídico ecocéntrico en el Antropoceno – Tiago Fensterseifer (UFSC)

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